This is the only product that works for my wife’s allergies here in the Vegas Valley. Thank you!

Michael L.Las Vegas, NV

This product has been a tremendously life-changing experience for me. I brought my bottle in to show my allergist and asked that he share my discovery with his other patients. It is my sincere hope that others who are as miserable as I was can finally get the relief they need. The most impressive part for me is that this remedy is natural. A most heartfelt thank you for what you have done for me. Life changing for a severe allergy sufferer!

Kate S.Phoenix, AZ

My eyeballs have been on fire for a few weeks in Vegas, with the wind carrying pollen and dust around. Relief came quickly and I am sold. This stuff worked for me.

Ryan B.Las Vegas, NV

I am a native Nevadan and had no problems with allergies until four years ago.  Tried Claritin, Sudafed, and other products and nothing worked.  Tried this on a recommendation from a fellow allergy suffer at work.  It works!  I usually buy mine from the Heath Food Store and have to make a special trip.  So glad I found the website for fast, free shipping to my front door.

Melinda C.Henderson, NV

After receiving my allergy mix the next day after ordering it, I began the recommended regimen. That very day, my cough improved 90% and the sinus drainage did as well. Since then, the allergy symptoms which had been plaguing me for months because of the early Spring are nearly all gone after only 5 days. That beats out all of the over the counter remedies and doctor’s recommendations. Brilliant!

NorskeyLas Vegas, NV

I live in CA, and suffer from bad allergies. I went to Vegas to visit family and he recommend this product and let me tell you nothing works like these drops.  I take half a dropper everyday and I have not had to take any allergy medicine at all!  For all you skeptics out there, try it! You won’t regret it.

Melory C.Bakersfield, CA

This is the only thing that helps my allergies and with no drowsiness!

Marlene P.Las Vegas, NV

Fast Shipping. Well Packaged. Will Use Again!

DJClarkdale, AZ

I love how fast acting this is and very seldom do I have to take OTC medication.  Only on the rare occasion that I eat tons of dairy and the pollen count is astronomical.  Thank you so much Las Vegas Allergy Mix.  You keep me breathing and itch free.  Your shipping is awesome fast too!

Kimberly O.Henderson, NV

I have lived in Vegas over 6 years and never suffered from allergies until the past couple years. I’ve been to an allergy Dr and had the blood tests and back prick tests and nothing really came back except I was very reactive to histamine. I tried some nose sprays and medicines but nothing seemed to fully help. I decided to try las vegas allergy mix because I like that it’s homeopathic. Through all the windy days this has been keeping my allergies at bay. I take it in the morning and at night or whenever I feel congestion coming on.  I hardly ever sneeze and my sinuses have been clear. I have been telling everyone about this stuff!!! TRY IT!!!!

Nicole A.Las Vegas, NV