Tradition Meets Innovation

Tradition is beneficial. Innovation is essential.

Tradition and innovation are immanently linked. Both are necessary for science to progress, and while eternally in contrast with one another, neither one can be defined without the other.  While tradition brings a feeling of constancy to our lives – a connection to past experience, innovation is vital to the evolution of human health and well-being.

The outdated concepts and practices of the current healthcare industry are collapsing. Misinformation and complicity are commonplace. The impetus is often careless, short-sighted and profit-driven. Whether or not motives are intentional, or the by-product of a flawed system is unimportant. However, what IS important, is thoughtfully redefining the predominant culture so we can create a dynamic leap forward.

Our commitment is to the big picture. Our concept is local.

It’s time for natural solutions and connection to plants and environments and seasons. It’s time to remember the wisdom in tradition and the sacredness of the earth and all living things. By focusing our attention and intention and embracing the infinite brilliance of nature’s life force we can all thrive in a healthy sustainable future.

At Allergy Mix, we focus on developing innovative allergy products while observing the collective knowledge of traditional homeopathic principles. We are always evaluating the latest science and research to further our knowledge and efforts in creating effective, leading-edge products.